[DEKABITA7] 7 Remarkable Features!
Play PSVita games in 7inch display!
Its 7" large display ensures
ultimate experience in PSVita games!

DEKAVITA7 has an IPS display
which is equivalent to the image
quality of iPad2.

You never want to play games in
such a tiny screen anymore!
Set your PSTV, that's it!
No messy setting bothers you at all.

Just attach your PSTV on the back of
DEKAVITA7 and now you are all set to play
in a completely new world!
Lithium battery assures great freedom!
No worries about power source anymore.
The large amount lithium battery enables
5 consecutive hours playing. *
  • * Playing times vary depending on conditions.
Supports PS4 Remote Play!
Enjoy PS4 Remote Play even more with
the big DEKAVITA7 display!
Can be used as PS3 controller with display!
Connect with PS3 console and DEKAVITA7
turns into a PS3 controller with an external display!*
  • * USB conversion adapter (female - male) ×1,
    HDMI conversion adapter (female - female) ×1
    and HDMI cable (male - male) ×1 are required.
    (They are not included)
Much more comfortable play in PSVita games!
DEKAVITA7 features not only its 7" really beautiful
display but perfectly comfortable grips as well as
easy-to-press buttons for your epic game play!
Consistent Design with Details
We worked out DEKAVITA7's stylish appearance
proudly and passionately.
The cool appearance entirely grabs you.
  • * This product does NOT have a touchscreen. You can't control it by touching the screen.
  • * PSTV is required to use this product. (PSTV not included)
  • * DEKAVITA7 supports only the games which can be played by PSTV.
  • * PS4 console is required for PS4 remote play. (PS4 console not included)
Product Parts

* Appearance may change later.

Platform PlayStation TV
Product Name DEKAVITA7
Display IPS LCD
Monitor Size 7"
Display Size approx. 154.2mm (H) × approx. 85.9mm (V)
Display Resolution 1024 × 600
Dot Pitch 0.15 mm
View Angle Right and Left : 175ºUp and Down: 175º
Release Date in July, 2015
Standard Price Usual Price JPY23,000

We will keep posting the release date,
product specifications, etc on our website.